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Child Care Benefits and Rebates

Our COSHC services are Child Care Benefit approved and Child Care Rebate approved. All Benefits and Rebates are approved and calculated by the Australian Government Department of Human Services.

The parent or carer registered for Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate must be the 'Account Holder' with COSHC and needs to provide the relevant COSHC centre with the correct Customer Reference Number (CRN) and date of birth for:

  • The parent/carer; and
  • Each child attending COSHC (there is a separate CRN for each child).

The means-tested Child Care Benefit, where eligible, will be paid direct to the COSHC to reduce the weekly fee. This depends on correct information being provided to the COSHC service.

The parent's/carer's Child Care Rebate may now also be paid fortnightly to the COSHC to further reduce the weekly fee.

For more information on Child Care Benefits (CCB) and Child Care Rebates (CCR) and eligibility, please visit

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