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Below are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have regarding your child’s needs or the activities offered.

  • General Information
    • What activities will my child participate in?

      Each COSHC offers a range of child focused activities, both programmed and free play, for children of all primary school ages to participate in such as:

      • outdoor play – team sports, group games and free choice activities
      • physical activity – dancing, indoor and outdoor play
      • craft
      • cooking
      • board games
      • dramatic play
      • construction
      • reading
      • free play activities
    • If my child doesn't want to join in organised activities, is there supervised free play?

      Yes – given the variety of activities the children can participate in there is always something for the children to enjoy, indoors or outdoors.

    • Is homework supervised and is help available to the children should they require help?

      Specific areas are designated for homework, and whilst completing homework is not compulsory, children will be encouraged to complete homework at COSHC, dependent upon family needs.

    • Does my child need to bring anything to before or after school care?

      Yes - a wide brimmed or bucket style hat for outdoor play. Other than this, children are not required to bring anything to care.

    • When are the fees due for my child?

      An enrolment fee is due for payment prior to commencement at the centre. A statement is issued on Monday each fortnight for payment by the close of business Friday the following week. 

      Also see: Benefits and Rebates

    • When are meals provided?

      Breakfast is provided each day in centres open for before school care; times will vary between individual centres. Afternoon tea snack is provided.

      Please inform your COSHC in advance if your child has any special dietary needs or requirements.

    • What do I do if I am running late to pick up my child?

      Notify the centre by phone as soon as possible and advise staff of your expected arrival time so preparations can be made for your child and our staff. Please note there is a Late Pick up Policy that includes a late pick up fee.

    • Can the COSHC care for my child’s individual dietary requirements?

      Yes, if your child has a particular food intolerance, or special allergy requirement, please discuss and inform your COSHC. Should they require a specific range of products, you may be required to supply specific foods.  Every effort will be made to ensure your child is catered for in an inclusive manner. Changes to your child’s food or allergy requirements will need to be made in writing.

      Anaphylactic Response

      If your child has been diagnosed with a life threatening allergic reaction, please provide the centre with a letter form the doctor with instruction on the procedures for the appropriate emergency response. Families are to provide medication, with written authorisation and are responsible for monitoring the ‘use by date’ on medication.

    • How quickly do spaces fill and when should I register my child?

      We recommended you register your child early to avoid disappointment. Parents with Kindergarten children should register for COSHC once their enrolment at the school is confirmed.

      If positions are available, our centres can provide a place for your child and may provide emergency care for families on short notice.

    • Does every COSHC service offer Vacation Care and how do I access this service?

      Vacation care will be offered at selected COSHC services based on a centralised approach aimed at providing a cost effective service that will meet the needs of families at all COSHC services. Programs and fees for each holiday are available through the individual services.

      Payment and booking is required in advance to secure your child’s position at vacation care.

    • What happens if I don’t want my child to go on an excursion during vacation care?

      All children booked for excursion days are taken on the excursion. Other COSHC services may be able to offer alternative care for the day if the parent/carer requires this and if the COSHC is notified at the time of booking.

      Parents/carers are responsible for dropping off and picking up children from the alternative service.

    • How many spaces are available in the COSHC?

      Each COSHC is different in terms of how many spaces are available. Should you require information on availability of spaces please, discuss with the specific COSHC you are interested in.

    • What if I can’t make it to pick up my child? Can I nominate somebody else to pick my child up?

      Parents and carers nominate in advance authorised people to have permission to collect their children and as emergency contacts if parents/carers cannot be contacted. These authorised people are listed on the child’s Enrolment form and can be updated by the parent/carer at any time in writing.

      Authorised people must be 16 years of age or over and supply suitable photo ID.


  • Below are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have regarding your child’s needs or the activities offered.

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Further information

For more information about Catholic Out of Hours School Care please contact the COSHC team.

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